GroupX – The Club of Joy and Happiness


If you are looking for yourself to become more optimistic, life-loving and healthy every day, GroupX Level Fitness will be the community that always welcomes you. Here, you will be satisfied with many dynamic subjects, skillfully combining bodybuilding and art. Along with new friends with similar interests, you will find a great source of life energy.

Why should you join GroupX exercise classes?

Group X is the common name for group exercises such as Zumba, Dance, Aerobics… on a vibrant music background with a variety of exercises suitable for all ages and levels.

These are cardio workouts that help build strength, endurance, muscle tone and the ability to burn 600-800 per hour. At the same time release stress when combined with exciting, enchanting music.

A special thing that GroupX classes bring to practitioners is community. Instead of working out alone at home, you should join GroupX groups at the center for the following benefits:

  • When you practice with a group, you will have more fun than practicing on your own.
  • You have the opportunity to expand relationships when making friends, chatting with groups.
  • Group exercise challenges you to work beyond your limits, motivating workouts.

Release stress with more than 10 diverse Group X genres of Level Fitness

Coming to Level Fitness, members have the opportunity to participate in all Group X classes, depending on their goals and interests. Group X classes with vibrant music help members work out enthusiastically and burn calories fastest in just 1 hour. Here are the subjects GroupX always has in a week of training at Level Fitness:

1. Aerobics : also known as aesthetic exercises, are exercises that coordinate many movements together, limbs at the same time moving to music.

2. Zumba : A sport dance that combines simple, easy-to-remember, easy-to-remember gymnastics movements on vibrant Latin music. Like other subjects, zumba has exercises from basic to advanced suitable for many subjects.

3. Belly Dance: Belly dance is a traditional dance art of Middle Eastern countries, also known as Arabic dance. When dancing, in addition to other parts of the body, the abdomen and hips are used the most.

4. Sexy Dance: Is a collection of sexy, sexy and seductive elements. The sexy dance dance is derived from the Latin American “jazz funk” which is a blend of Hiphop and jazz dance.

5. Dance Fitness: Exercises based on modern dances with low to high intensity on vibrant dance music. Practitioners satisfy their passion for music while exercising their heart rate and losing weight effectively.

Experience the perfect service at a top fitness club

Each GroupX class members will be led by a Coach. The exercises are mostly arranged from easy to difficult and detailed instructions. So when new members come to practice, they can keep up and get into the rhythm quickly. In addition, the GroupX training schedule is not fixed weekly, but will usually arrange at least one GroupX class each day and notify the members in advance. As a result, members can flexibly arrange and join GroupX training classes.

Once you become a Level Fitness member, you will get FREE use of premium amenities of a leading fitness brand. Specifically, such as Himalayan salt rock sauna, herbal sauna, towels, drinking water, lockers, etc.

You can also try 1 week FREE to interact with the GroupX community at Level Fitness. To join the GroupX community, join the exciting and fun atmosphere every week at Level Fitness, you can fill out the registration form below or contact the hotline 088 850 6969 for the earliest advice.