HAPPINESS JOURNEY – 1st anniversary event of Level Fitness Center – The Nine


A special event different from all previous birthday celebration events, Level Fitness Center’s Happiness Journey has left a mark in the hearts of all members and guests about the true values of life.

Immerse yourself in an impressive artistic space

Coming to the Happiness Journey event, guests couldn’t help but be surprised and excited by the basketball court space at night with sparkling lights, in addition to the special seats arranged right on the ground!

Level representative said the reason for this decision is because: “Sitting on the ground is a way to help connect with the positive energy of the Earth, connect with those around you more closely and easily.Enjoy an uplifting yet still calm artistic space.”

The sparkling scene of Happiness Journey

The event opened with the appearance of violinist FATB with modern music melodies. His impressive performance contributed to an inspiring start, revealing many interesting things in the next part of the show.

Violinist FATB and impressive performance

“How much is happiness worth?” – A question was raised that prompted many reflections on each person’s core values and outlook on life. Level listened to the guests’ different shares about Happiness and how we feel it every day – “If you ask how much Happiness is worth, happiness is sometimes just a breath, that’s right here, right now. That’s also the reason our event is called Happiness Journey. Because happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

Guests share about the question “How much is happiness worth?”

One more open question that contributes to making the atmosphere even more profound is “Is life short or long?”. Each different generation has a different perspective on Life. But with Level: “If we consider Happiness as a part of the spirit, then Life represents our health and physical condition. Life is short or long depending on how we feel, the more we cherish our health, the more meaningful life is. But because of that, you should not delay a single moment of exercising and taking care of your health.”

“Is life short or long?” – A question worth pondering


Guests share about the question

“We always have countless reasons to postpone exercising and everything always starts from “Tomorrow”. Tomorrow hasn’t come yet, but right now you should be determined for your actions. Let’s live a truly sublime life with a happy spirit and a healthy body when exercise becomes a healthy habit in our lives.” – That is also the reason why Level asked two questions about Happiness and Life, with the hope that each person will appreciate the health and life of themselves and those around them more.

Level Fitness Center officially announced our mission

The Happiness Journey event is also the time when Level officially announced our mission. Marketing Director of Level Fitness Center – Mrs. Nguyen Hanh Nguyen shared: “The reason we chose today to announce Level’s mission is because we realize that the impact fitness has on us is a bit heavy and toil. Maybe many people will define fitness as a body sculpting profession. But for me, fitness is an art and in my opinion, we practice to improve our health and connection to make each person happier. Beauty is just one of the results after a long process of practice.”

Mrs. Nguyen Hanh Nguyen announced: “Your health and happiness is our mission” – affirming the values Level will cultivate.

Marketing Director – Mrs. Nguyen Hanh Nguyen announced Level’s mission

Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung – Founder of Level Fitness Center said: “We always appreciate the affection of our members and continue to strive to bring the best services and the most modern innovations to realize our mission – mission to care for the health and cultivate happiness for our members.”

Mr. Nguyen Tri Dung sent his gratitude to members and guests

A year of community and connection

365 days is a special milestone marking the time Level Fitness Center – The Nine has been accompanied by more than 1,000 first members. A year marks the efforts of the Level’s team in the journey of inspiring and caring for the health and spirit of the community. During the birthday event, Level was honored to welcome dear members and guests – those who have always supported and accompanied Level Fitness Center – The Nine. The guests happily enjoyed the bustling, cohesive atmosphere at Level’s tea party.






Find the owners of the birthday prizes

Mrs. Nguyen Hanh Lien – Managing Director of Level Fitness Center – The Nine directly conducted a public draw and found lucky members to own a FENDIGRAPHY FABRIC bag worth 80,000,000 VND and a prize class equivalent to Full-service cards.

Mrs. Nguyen Hanh Lien drew birthday prizes

In addition, the “Best Sport Costume” prize worth 2,000,000 VND was awarded to the guest with the most impressive sports outfit at the event.


The Happiness Journey event has ended, but your true happy journey at Level has now officially opened. Level Fitness Center is extremely grateful to our members and guests for your trust and love over the past year. Hopefully on the upcoming journey, Level will have more opportunities to accompany more members, carrying out its mission of taking care of the health and cultivating happiness for the community!