5 Cardio Plank Excercises to Burn Calories and Fight Fat


It is no coincidence that the plank is increasingly being loved by gymers from basic to advanced levels. Besides the basic plank exercise , there are many interesting variations to help you achieve your goals of muscle gain, fat loss, or work on different muscle groups such as abs, core, biceps, and core. femoral,…

Cardio Plank is an advanced plank that will help you coordinate those muscle groups. Just 5-6 exercises with 2-3 repetitions, each Cardio Plank session for 30 minutes can help you burn up to 600 kcal.

In this article, Level Fitness coaches will guide you through the latest 5 Cardio Plank exercises 2021. This is an exercise for those who want to accelerate weight loss, reduce fat and tone the core (core) ) mine. The exercises will have photos and videos at the end of the article.


1. Side plank, single leg raises

Practice for 2 sets on each side, 30 seconds each time

The first move is the Side plank, a plank exercise that is not too strange. However, to increase efficiency, side plank exercises combine with leg lifts to work more deeply into the abdominal muscles.

Implementation steps:

Step 1: Leaning on the elbow, the other hand on the side, turn to one side, bring the body to the side plank position. Try to keep your back and legs straight

Step 2: Squeeze your abs and raise your kicking leg slightly above your head.

Step 3: Switch sides, repeat the movement.


2. Plank elbows up & down

Practice in 3 sets, each set 45s

This is a familiar move in many plank training series. Not only because of its effectiveness for your core, but also to help your joints and muscles in your arms, elbows, and wrists become firmer and stronger. The key point in this exercise is that when you push your arms up and down, you should not move your body too much. As a result, the abdominal muscles will be used to the maximum and achieve training efficiency

Implementation steps:

Step 1: Keeping elbows, back and legs straight, keep the body in the basic plank position.

Step 2: Raise your hands up in a high plank position while keeping your abs and upper body firm

Step 3: Bring your hands back to the original plank position, repeat the movement.


3. Side plank – single leg crunches

Do 2 sets on each side, 30 seconds each time

Usually side plank exercises focus on the intercostal muscles. Side plank exercises not only help you burn belly fat but also slim your waist quickly. Level Fitness gives you a more advanced version when combined with leg curls and crunches. It will be a bit difficult for beginners to start with this exercise, but as you get used to it and keep your balance, you will feel its effects on each muscle area.

Implementation steps:

Step 1: Stand on your elbows, turn to one side, bring your body to the side plank position. Try to keep your back and legs straight.

Step 2: Bend the lower leg while touching the other elbow. You are now doing a crunch. So brace your abs and bring your hands to your knees as deeply as possible.

Step 3: Hands and feet return to your head position, repeat the movement.


4. Mountain climber

Set 3 sets, each set 45s

Mountain climber is also known as climbing movement. With this exercise, you should practice with faster intensity, try to run while tightening your abdominal muscles for optimal results.

Implementation steps:

Step 1: Support your hands, straighten your back, straighten your legs, bring your body to the high plank position

Step 2: The legs represent the running movement, with one knee facing the other elbow and vice versa.


5. Up-down and In-out Jumps

The plank movement when combined with jump (jumping) requires the abdominal muscles as well as other muscle parts to work actively. Thereby helping to tighten the waist and increase metabolism for the whole body. Through this exercise, you will feel more sweaty like you are doing a very vibrant HIIT/Cardio workout.

Practice 4 sets, each set 30s

Implementation steps:

Step 1: Stand with your hands, straighten your back, straighten your legs, and bring your body to the high plank position.

Step 2: Jump with your feet wide, then close your legs.

Step 3: Jump with both knees forward.

Step 4: Jump back to the starting position, straighten your legs, repeat the movement.


Above is a detailed guide to help you effectively practice 5 Cardio Plank exercises. Once you’re familiar with the basic exercises, you can challenge yourself with these exercises. The effect of burning calories as well as slimming round 2 will come to you quickly when you work hard. To practice with the coach correctly and effectively, you can access this exercise video here . Also, don’t get used to following Level Fitness to stay up to date with new and interesting exercise sequences.