Dan Tri Newspaper: Level Fitness Center brings art into workout

Tập Yoga Bay Hà Nội
(Dan Tri) – By returning to the origin of fitness (physical training) as a combination of science and art, Level Fitness Center is inspiring the sports-loving community in Hanoi.

“Fitness is Art” – Physical training in an artistic way

“If you want to feel the art of physical training, you can go to Level Fitness Center, an international standard training center in Hanoi, to change your exercise habits as a lifestyle of the new era” – Shared center representative.
Tập Yoga Bay Hà Nội
Art is present in every training moment (Photo: Level Fitness Center).
If we go back in time to the Greek-Roman period of the centuries BC, Fitness was born as a combination of science and art. This golden age also gave birth to the concept of Gymnasia.
Now, Level Fitness Center can bring practitioners back to the origins of fitness to understand that art is present in every moment of daily exercise. This different approach has created a new source of inspiration to help Level Fitness Center attract customers of all ages.
Tập Gym Hà Nội
Build personal color through exercise (Photo: Level Fitness Center).
According to the center’s representative, as one of the pioneer centers in building a unique workout style, Level Fitness Center has positioned itself with a different image. This is the favorite choice of members with personality and unique qualities. For them, working out at Level Fitness Center is a highlight of a trendy and classy lifestyle.
“The goal of Level Fitness Center is to help each person discover the ‘art’ within, get rid of all old barriers to exercise. Coming to Level Fitness Center, exercisers will find that fitness is no longer heavy or tiring. but about moments of total enjoyment, feeling the changes in the body with all senses and in every touch,” said a representative of Level Fitness Center.

Level Fitness Center – A space of art and exercise inspiration

If in the past, working out at the gym (exercise, indoor sports) was often associated with images of fatigue and high-intensity activities, then with Level Fitness Center, working out is an exciting emotional journey. .
Here, practitioners can comfortably be themselves when choosing between 10 different subjects depending on their preferences. Moments of exercising will become fun, full of freedom and motivate them to come and enjoy every day.
Leo Núi Level Fitness
Conquer the peak with rock climbing at Level Fitness Center (Photo: Level Fitness Center).
At Level Fitness Center, members can choose gentle and healing subjects such as yoga, pilates, and meditation to explore the hidden corners of their minds and connect with their own consciousness.
Practitioners can also explore interesting and exciting activities such as rock climbing, kickboxing, GroupX (group dance classes), or connect and mingle with other sports. with team spirit such as basketball, Les Mill (fitness class with popular music), zumba (dancing to vibrant Latin music),…
Sân Bóng Rổ Hà Nội
Trainees mingle with team spirit at the elevated basketball court (Photo: Level Fitness Center).
Every hour of training at Level Fitness Center is an exciting and memorable experience thanks to the combination of space, light, melody,… In a modern gym with artistic design, Practitioners can immerse themselves in the vibrant melody and liberate themselves with strong physical activities.
Practitioners can also close their eyes and relax in the water at the Olympic-standard swimming pool, where the soothing water has been sterilized with UV rays and filtered with Ozone to ensure safety for skin and hair.
Bể Bơi Hà Nội
Free yourself by swimming in the cool water at the four-season swimming pool (Photo: Level Fitness Center).
After each workout session, practitioners can let their bodies relax and regenerate energy by hydrotherapy massage in the Jacuzzi, natural herbal steam bath or dry salt stone bath,…
“Today, young people are too busy with work and hobbies instead of paying attention to physical health. Bringing artistic vitality into sports like what Level Fitness is doing will be a way effective to make fitness more interesting in the eyes of the community,” the center representative shared.
Level Fitness Center – Fitness is Art
Facility 1: Floors 12-13-14, Truong Thinh building, Trang An Complex – 01 Phung Chi Kien, Cau Giay, Hanoi (Hotline: 081 950 6969).
Facility 2: 6th Floor, The Nine Tower – 09 Pham Van Dong, Hanoi (Hotline: 088 850 6969).