Channel 14: Level Fitness Center – Sports center with unique workout style in Hanoi


If you are a sports enthusiast, this will be a completely new workout style from Level Fitness Center – a pioneering fitness center in Hanoi that considers workout as art and everyone who working out is an artist.

Bộ ảnh mới nhất của Level với slogan "Fitness is Art"
Level’s new album with the slogan “Fitness is Art”
Phá vỡ mọi rào cản về vẻ đẹp hình thể và thể thao
Breaking all barriers in physical beauty and sports

Level Fitness Center is a pioneer gym in building an elevated 3×3 basketball court in a large space of up to 3600m2. You can freely choose options that suit your personality. Be strong, healthy with: Gym, Kickboxing,… Soft, supple with: Pilates, Yoga,… or experience the 4-season swimming pool, the Meditation.

Large workout space at Level Fitness Center
Level Day 2 296 (2)
Level aims to practice bringing individuals closer together


Each person is free to explore their own strengths and passions
Meditation classes are carefully invested in by Level and member can come and meditate at any time


The essence of Fitness is the combination of science and art. You can comfortably be yourself, work out by the way you want right at Level without worrying about stares.

Get inspired with your favorite workout


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The climbing area helps entertain after hours of working out




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Experiencing and enjoying Pilates is the trend today


Above all, at Level, training will no longer be heavy or stressful, but will be moments of fun and enjoyment!
Level Fitness Center – Fitness is Art
Facility 01: Floor 12-13-14, Truong Thinh Building, Trang An Complex – 01 Phung Chi Kien, Cau Giay, Hanoi (Hotline: 081 950 6969)
Facility 02: 6th Floor, The Nine Tower – 09 Pham Van Dong, Hanoi (Hotline: 088 850 6969)