BACK TO SCHOOL – Premium Gym card only 19k/day for students

Back To School

For the back-to-school season, Level Fitness offers a premium Gym card promotion for only 19K/day exclusively for students from 16 years old. This is an extremely attractive opportunity for GenZ to rediscover their dynamic and confident temperament for the new school year.

Right now, Level Fitness will guide you through 3 quick steps to say goodbye to a sluggish mind and body.


Step 1 – Hunt for premium Gym card deals only 19k/day

Only 20 gym card offers for only 19k/day applicable to students aged 16 and over.

Customers, pleaseregister to receive incentives at:


Step 2 – Get ready for hours of intense work out at the 5-star Level Fitness gym with two Gym & Kickboxing

Here, high-end Technogym exercise machines are always ready to help burn calories to the fullest. Besides, GenZ will be able to comfortably burn their hearts out in the private Kickboxing room space, conquering the challenging subject.


BStep 3 – Relax at the end of the workout with free amenities: Sauna, sauna, locker, water, towels…


Let Level Fitness become your companion in an exciting new school year. In addition, please follow Level Fitness’s official media channels to update more information about other attractive promotional programs this year.