Top 10 Low Calorie Fruits for Weight Loss

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Fruit is an important source of vitamins and minerals in everyone’s diet. Because fruits are eaten directly without cooking, they retain their vitamin and mineral content. However, fruit can be the cause of weight gain if you choose and eat it inappropriately. The following article Level Fitness will solve that question and suggest you the top 10 low-calorie fruits to support weight loss .

Does eating a lot of fruit make you gain weight?

In the fruit contains a rich source of fiber, good for health as well as keeping in shape and losing weight of many women. Therefore, some people always believe that eating a lot of fruit will not get fat. Even people who are overweight and obese  choose to skip rice and replace it with fruit to lose weight. However, this action makes the weight not only not decrease, but also increase. Because not all fruits have weight loss effects, especially ripe fruits.

Chen Mizrach Dmwjneu7 E Unsplash
Fruit is a healthy food. Does eating a lot of fruit cause weight gain and obesity?

The most ripe fruits, the sweet ones, will contain high levels of sugar. When eaten a lot, these fruits also provide the body with a large source of energy. For example, if you eat two 100g pepper bananas, the energy will be equal to eating a bowl of rice. Or eating a custard apple, a 200-250g mango, 300g of jackfruit, or litchi, longan, is equivalent to 1 bowl of rice. So if you skip rice and eat a lot of these sweet fruits instead, you will still gain weight.

If you want to lose weight or keep in shape, you should eat low-sugar fruits as suggested below.


Suggest 10 types of low-calorie fruits, eat more without fat (Kcal per 100 grams)

Here are 10 fruits that are familiar to us every day. Not only contain many nutrients and minerals, but if eaten in the right amount, at the right time, these fruits also help you lose weight. In addition, these are fruits that do not cause heat, so they do not affect your health if you have an underlying disease. With a distinctive, sweet taste, you can choose these low-calorie fruits instead of junk food that is easy to cause obesity.

1. Plum – 20Kcal

2. Pineapple – 29 Kcal

3. Grapefruit – 30Kcal

4. Watermelon – 30 Kcal

5. Melons under 34 Kcal

6. Peach – 38 Kcal

7. Guava – 38 Kcal

8. Oranges – 38 Kcal

9. Dragon fruit – 40 Kcal

10. Apples 49 – Kcal



Top 10 low-calorie fruits that do not gain weight

How should I eat fruit?

If possible, choose a fruit that is both low in calories and has the effect of reducing fat and lowering blood sugar. In the hot season, people who are overweight or obese, people with diabetes or have a hot body or have pimples should not eat a lot of fruits such as jackfruit, pineapple, mango, litchi, longan. Because these fruits contain high sugar content, providing a lot of energy. If you eat a lot, it will increase the risk of being overweight  or obese .

Every day we should only eat from 400-500 g of ripe fruit. In addition, you should use a variety of different fruits to provide enough vitamins and minerals for the body. Thereby providing enough fiber to help prevent constipation without having to take oral medications.

You should eat fruit before you recharge like before breakfast or before lunch. After eating fruit, wait about 1-2 hours for the body to fully digest before eating main meals. This will give you enough time to not feel bloated, full and your stomach will be cleared to be ready to receive the next food source.


Nutrition advice from Level Fitness

Above are some suggestions of Level Fitness about low-calorie fruits that support weight loss and how to eat fruits reasonably. Besides nutrition, weight loss also depends on your training process. For more nutrition advice and weight loss training plans, check out Level Fitness’s bodybuilding programs. You can visit, practice at the club and be  advised by the coaches in detail on a route suitable for your condition and desire.