5 Best Youtube Workout Channels for Women to Loose Belly Fat


To reduce belly fat at home in the most effective way, women should choose exercise channels that are suitable for their condition. Level Fitness will suggest you the most popular female gym YouTube channels to help you achieve your belly fat loss goal.

1. Chloe Ting’s belly fat reduction gym exercises

Youtube: Chloe Ting – 21.8 million Subscribers

Tap Gym Giam Mo Bung
Excercises to lose belly fat in 2 weeks – Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is a familiar name to everyone who practices with Youtube. Besides helping hundreds of millions of people get in shape, she also creates audience engagement shows and healthy food recipe videos. The abdominal exercises that Chloe Ting designed are also very diverse, typically some videos to help reduce fat, create a 1-1 waistline and compound exercises that have a great effect on women’s abs. You can refer and practice according to these most viewed videos at:

2. Slim waist like April Han

Youtube: April Han – 2.43 million Subscribers

Giam Mo Bung April Han
Gym exercises to reduce lower belly fat – April Han

Slim according to Asian “gu” standards is what people refer to April Han’s Youtube channel. Her gym exercises to reduce belly fat are suitable for beginners with gentle movements, moderate difficulty but still effective calorie consumption for round 2. Here are the most popular abdominal training videos of women. by Ms. Han:


3. Emi Wong’s waist-reducing gym exercises

Youtube: Emi Wong – 4.54 million Subscribers

Tap Plank Giam Mo Bung Emi Wong
Plank exercises to help reduce belly fat – Emi Wong

The special feature that makes millions of girls love Emi’s channel is the daily exercises for those who are always busy. It could be 10 minutes of exercise in bed, on the sofa or at work. With abdominal exercises, Emi designs a variety from plank to high-intensity abdominal exercises to help deep impact the 2nd round to quickly reduce belly fat. Watch more videos of Emi’s abs at home at:

4. Shape your abs with MadFit

Youtube: MadFit – 6.26 million Subscribers

MadFit’s Abs Workout

If you lack motivation to work out, look to MadFit for inspiration. Cardio Dance videos on catchy Pop music will help you both burn calories and relax. MadFit’s workouts mostly require high endurance and a lot of sweat. However, MadFit’s abdominal exercises are quite suitable for beginners. If your fitness goal is to lose belly fat, these might be the right exercises for you:

5. High intensity abs with Pamela Reif

Youtube: Pamela Reif – 7.73 million Subscribers

Tap Bung Cuong Do Cao
High Intensity Abs Workout with Pamela Reif

Emerging on Youtube with the appearance of a superstar, few people know that Pamela started her bodybuilding career at the age of 16. With the motto of fast and effective, Pamela’s workout videos make women “struggle” but the effect is very respectable. If you’ve gotten used to the basics, you can try some of Pamela’s high-intensity abs workouts :

6. Level Fitness’ series of exercises to reduce belly fat at home

Abs Workout Level Fitness
Level Fitness exercises to reduce belly fat

In addition to the above 5 Youtube channels, you can also refer to Level Fitness’ home gym video series on the official Fanpage channel . These are Tabata, HIIT, Cardio exercises to help you lose weight and impact on the abdomen to help you lose belly fat effectively. Besides self-exercise at home, training requires the right advice and direction from you. the coach has expertise . Packages gym , senior package Level Fitness coach will help you outline the most appropriate program for your goals.