Buy now-Pay later with 0% Interest Installment Plan at Level Fitness

In order to create convenience as well as meet the needs of customers to use exercise packages, Level Fitness implements a 0% interest installment payment program for Sacombank international credit card holders when purchasing service packages and paying online. POS at the system.

What is the 0% interest installment plan?

Installment package is when the club connects with the bank to bring the most benefits to customers in the form of service payment. The affiliate, Sacombank, will provide financial support for customers to practice at Level Fitness through card products. Customers who are credit card holders will be able to join the 0% interest installment program at Level Fitness. This program allows customers to pay installments up to 100% of the service value within 6-12 months. The amount will be divided into equal installments over several months and the guest will pay using the usual method of credit card.
Since then, we want to bring customers great experiences in the form of payment and exercise. With a credit card distributed by Level Fitness & Sacombank, you can practice right away without having to pay 100% of the cost from the start.
In particular, Sacombank international credit cardholders will be able to participate in paying service packages at Level Fitness with all contract values.
–  Application period : From May 25, 2021 until the latest notice 

5 benefits that customers receive when owning Sacombank installment credit cards

1. Customers can practice first and then pay in installments
2. 0% interest, no extra costs
3. Flexibility on installment terms
4. Fast registration and card issuance time, neat and simple procedures
5. Installment policy applies to all training packages at Level Fitness
If consumers know how to take advantage of loan packages, consumers can both exercise at Level Fitness’s international standard gym while not having to worry about immediate financial burden.

How to sign up for the installment plan?

To register for the installment plan with the exercise package you have chosen, you need to first contact a Level Fitness consultant to inform the package you want to buy and for further advice on the installment program.
Then Sacombank will help you to approve the registration and guide you to make a card to proceed with the installment payment according to the optional term (in case you do not have a Sacombank credit card).
For more information about installment policy, please contact hotline 088.850.6969