Level Fitness’ Coaches Help to Break Your Limits

What is your first impression when you see the strong image of fitness coaches ?
“They are so muscular, their charisma is excellent. They are perfect!” – And you wish to be like them too! But when you come to Level Fitness, you will see a different picture of us.
Temporarily putting away the flashy exterior, we return to our daily work at Level Fitness: Silently behind customers, wiping away sweat, and breaking the limits with them. Fortunately, also here, we find three important missions to make ourselves more confident in our training and dedication.

Training with both mind and strength

Our mission is not as lofty as the heroes who save the world, on the contrary, we go to “rescue” our customers’ problems, help them improve their health, change their body shape. For some, this is also a life-changing journey that they will never forget.
The word “training” seems too narrow to describe our work. Besides guiding customers to practice properly, sufficiently and effectively, we understand that customers always need more than that. It can be reminders about training schedules, nutritional advice, words of encouragement, motivational encouragement, but sometimes also strict commandments.
We understand that laziness, procrastination, low self-esteem… are inherently just psychological limits of each customer, which, in our experience, anyone can break! We are the ones who say they “can” when others look at them with “can’t” eyes!

Professional environment nurtures professional coaches

Although our starting points are different, no one is left behind. The careful selection process and professional training help our team to be uniform in terms of lineup, solid in expertise. In addition, each person has a unique strength to help solve the customer’s muscle, health, and weight problems as best as possible.
We are also proud to be part of Level Fitness, where we learn from each other, and freely express our own abilities and colors. Serving customers is the core mission for each PT, but to become better every day, it is very important to have a united team standing side by side, cultivating skills,

The strongest opponent is always yourself

When you’re not at the gym, we go back to our own training – sometimes boring, sometimes frustrated because of the weight on each muscle. But as coaches, we are not allowed to give up. If we don’t have the courage to beat ourselves and break our limits, how can we help others do it?
As Personal Trainers, we are not afraid of difficulties, not familiar with what is unfinished. Many of our customers have done it and so can you!

We are ready to be a companion, how about you?

If you are looking for a companion to reach your fitness goals, Level Fitness coaches will be a reliable team to accompany you closely during your workout. Currently, Level Fitness owns professional coaches with many achievements and solid experience. We are confident to be dedicated companions to help you get your workout right and stay motivated throughout the process.
You can learn more about the 1-to-1 coach service to refer to the program of gym , kickboxing or swimming programs that are right for you. To help you warm up, our coaching team will give you a FREE workout session, you will be measured, health check and advice on nutrition as well as long-term training orientation.
Wish you overcome your limit!
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