5 Key Factors that Contribute to Level Fitness’ High-class Gym Services


As customers’ needs for health and fitness care are increasing, they tend to be more picky about gym brands. Besides looking for a location near home, near the company for more convenience in moving, customers always consider a lot about the quality of service as well as their experience in each training session.

What is an international standard gym service?

However, for a fitness brand, building a gym service system according to international standards is not an easy task. To meet international standards, gym services must meet basic requirements such as: Quality of equipment and tools, service quality, hygiene, facilities, etc.

With its long-term experience in the field of health care and fitness services, Level Fitness has been positioning itself as one of the leading high-end fitness brands in Hanoi. Since then, promises to bring customers the optimal experience with quality worthy of what they spend.

Discover the 5 criteria that make up the international standard gym service at Level Fitness

Besides services such as swimming pool, Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing, Gym is one of the top priority services at Level Fitness. Here are 6 criteria that have contributed to building a high-class gym service of international standards, meeting the training needs of thousands of customers of various ages with different interests and exercise habits:

1. Design the gym space

Gym space is prioritized with 2 out of 3 floors at Level Fitness. The gym service is divided into 3 separate areas, namely the cardio area, the weight machine area and the private area to warm up and stretch. With separate areas, customers can easily choose not to exercise in accordance with their interests and fitness goals.

2. High-end exercise machine system

Level Fitness owns the Italian standard ARTIS series of exercise machines from the TECHNOGYM brand in the most advanced segment in the whole Vietnam market. The exercise machine is one of the core factors to ensure the quality of service, so it should be invested in by the center from the beginning and regularly maintained quarterly.

3. Personal trainer

When exercising at Level Fitness, every customer will have the opportunity to be consulted, and measured by professional coaches . When signing up for gym packages with a personal trainer, customers will be able to build a specific route on nutrition and exercise to reach their goals the fastest. All difficulties in the training process will be supported and enthusiastic by the coach.

4. Facilities and accompanying utilities

In order to create the most comfortable and professional training space, Level Fitness focuses on investing in facilities, cleaning the gym as well as gym equipment and tools. Thanks to that, customers can practice in a modern, high-class environment and feel the most comfortable. The accompanying utilities such as drinking water, towels, lockers, Himalayan salt rock sauna, herbal sauna, etc. provide a great and special experience completely free of charge.

5. Incentives when customers come to the practice for the first time

For customers who need to exercise, when coming to Level Fitness, you will enjoy the following benefits

  • Visiting the gym
  • Get advice on your training needs and measure your stats for free on Tanita
  • Get FREE 7-day trial tickets for all services at the club
  • Get a FREE trial session with the Coach.

Not to mention, depending on the time, Level Fitness will bring many preferential programs to help you exercise at the international standard center at the most reasonable cost.

Above are 5 design criteria for high-class, international-standard gym services at Level Fitness. Not only with gym services but other subjects at the center are also carefully invested to become one of the most popular clubs in Cau Giay area, Hanoi. Hopefully these are also the factors that you put into consideration when finding the right place for your gym needs.